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Brain health and the various activities and steps that can be taken to improve or maintain good brain health at any age have become a focus of the medical community and wellness experts. It’s also an area of focus for The Carnegie at Washingtonian Center, a Kisco Signature community where we emphasize brain health every day. Our multifaceted environment is designed to promote and improve brain health.

The community’s programming begins with The Art of Living Well.® This comprehensive and multi-dimensional take on wellness within the community offers evolving programming that encourages residents to achieve their full potential. The Art of Living Well accomplishes this by embodying the nine dimensions of wellness — emotional, physical, occupational (purpose), social, creative, intellectual, mental, nutritional, and happiness — to encourage the ongoing development and fulfillment of residents to live healthy, purposeful lives. These focus areas are utilized to create programming that enhances a resident’s sense of independence and well-being. For Amanda McPhearson, Art of Living Well director at The Carnegie, emphasizing these areas is integral to all levels of programming in the community.

“We understand there are many components of wellness, but one that stands out is the emotional and mental connections,” said McPhearson. “Brain health can thrive on positivity, and with an increase in these positive signals, creative thinking, motivation, and intellectual adaptability can all be impacted. With this in mind, our efforts are designed to enforce optimism, self-confidence and positive energy.”

Some scientists argue that intellectually stimulating activities may protect the brain by “establishing cognitive reserve.” Such activities could help the brain become more adaptable in some mental functions to compensate for age-related brain changes. With this in mind, The Carnegie will be a hub for personal growth and mental stimulation. From educational lecture series to immersive, literary and culinary programs, The Carnegie will exceed expectations. Our incomparable cultural experiences and intellectual programming will construct fulfilling opportunities for residents to engage with experts and experience unique privileges through our partners like The Kenndy Center and Smithsonian.

“When it comes to brain health there are so many facets, and they all play off of one another,” said McPhearson. “As much as intellectual wellness does for the brain, it also provides an opportunity for social wellness as well. Each dimension provides its own unique benefits, and it’s incredible to see how they work together. We often think of physical wellness and its impact on brain health, and while the easiest to connect to the brain, it’s important to consider it as part of the whole.”

For all residents at The Carnegie, wellness is not just an activity, but a way of life that enables a full and vibrant lifestyle for all residents. The community is dedicated to ensuring that wellness – especially for the brain – is engrained in all they do to provide residents with an opportunity to live well.

As we approach our grand unveiling, we invite you to join us on a journey of enrichment, connection, and well-being. Because at The Carnegie, we believe that life isn’t just about living—it’s about living well.