The Carnegie at Washingtonian Center emphasizes the importance of intellectual cultivation in every stage of your life. Through a curated selection of intellectually stimulating programs, our residents will have multiple, unique opportunities to pursue their passion and purpose, whether learning a new skill, language, or new favorite pastime.


At The Carnegie, education does not halt with age but advances with it, and we are highly prepared for that. Perfectly suited for 250 people, our TED Talk-style lecture hall is one of the many architectural features of The Carnegie that encourages intellectual stimulation and growth. Join us for ongoing educational lectures that stem from our plethora of partnerships with educational institutions, experts in various fields, experienced community members, and more.


Our home in Gaithersburg, Maryland is rich with artistic, cultural, and life-changing stories waiting to be shared with our residents. At The Carnegie, we cherish the power these stories have by inviting nationally renowned, exceptional individuals to enlighten our residents, associates, their families, and community members. From artists to authors to scientists, The Carnegie is well-suited for the greatness of storytelling.


Gaithersburg, Maryland is alive with stories worth exploring, all tucked away in independent bookstores, literary and writers’ societies, libraries, local authors’ personal shelves, and even nationally ranked book festivals. The Carnegie at Washingtonian Center set out to unite these various storytellers to create a community-wide literary society that can come together to celebrate the power of books. Our community is well-equipped for hosting meetings, author readings and signings, book clubs, and other literary-inspired events.


Our five-star culinary experience is curated by our world-class chefs, who have spent years carefully cultivating their craft and are eager to share their knowledge with our residents. The chefs and other professionals within our culinary programs impart their wisdom through educational, hands-on cooking programs and classes in our French-style demonstration kitchen. Immerse yourself in the artistry of five-star cuisine while developing your knowledge and skills at The Carnegie.


One of the many focuses of the culinary experience at The Carnegie is the art of pairing each meal with a complementary, flavorful wine selected by experts in the industry. We strive to craft a fully immersive experience for our residents that engages all of the senses with each culinary moment. We will incorporate this into our intellectual programs through thoughtful and elegant wine tastings, lectures from both local and non-local wine sommeliers, and trips to beautiful nearby vineyards.


Community connections are key. At The Carnegie, we strive to immerse our residents within the surrounding community of Gaithersburg, form meaningful relationships with community members, and bridge the gap between youths and seniors. One of the many ways we achieve this is through our partnership with Link Generations, a mentorship program that connects high schools and youths with seniors to forge a multi-generational bond and educates youths about aging. Our mentorship programs will continue growing as our community does, and we are thrilled to begin forming these connections further.


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