At The Carnegie, philanthropy is one of our main pillars, aligning with our mission to pursue our purpose every day and connect with our surrounding Gaithersburg community and beyond. Our philanthropic partners will share this mission and allow us to reach even more corners of Maryland and D.C. to further enrich the lives of our residents, their families, and our associates.


The Carnegie at Washingtonian Center will be partnering with Link Generations, an organization that seeks to bridge the gap between youth and seniors while educating youths about the aging process. Based in the Gaithersburg area, Link Generations facilitates various intergenerational programs, developing them through local high schools and middle schools. The Carnegie and Link Generations seek to connect our senior residents with students from these schools, allowing each member to learn from the other about life experiences, new skills, and the important role that seniors play within each community.


The Gaithersburg Parks, Arts and Recreation Corporation is a nonprofit organization that initiates and supports both new and matured parks in Gaithersburg, arts and culture programs, and recreational activities and resources. G-PARC created and successfully launched three alliances, including the Parks Alliance, the Recreation Alliance, and the Arts & Culture Alliance, which The Carnegie already partners with to create a curated, rotating local art museum in our Discovery Center at Downtown Crown. Our partnership with G-PARC paves the way for even more opportunities for The Carnegie to connect with the community and, most importantly, give back.


The Kentlands Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is community-based and firmly rooted in the Kentlands. The Foundation serves three purposes: to educate on the landmark that Kentlands has become, to gather community-based support for local arts and culture programs, and to open opportunities for community outreach and volunteerism. The Carnegie at Washingtonian Center and the Kentlands Foundation are well-suited partners who both champion philanthropy, arts and culture, and community engagement.


At The Carnegie, we cherish the great impact that literature has on society, so we partnered with the Gaithersburg Book Festival, an annual gathering of readers, authors, poets, and more. Conceptualized in 2010 by Mayor Jud Ashman, the Gaithersburg Book Festival celebrates the written word through its mission of fostering interests in reading, writing, and literary conversation within the community.

Each year, a core committee of city staff and dedicated volunteers carefully plans and oversees the execution of the festival – which is now one of the nation’s top literary events as it attracts hundreds of award-winning and best-selling authors, poets, and songwriters from across the country.


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