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At The Carnegie, we believe in developing our residents’ wellness. While it is easy to think wellness is only physical, mental, and emotional, there are six other dimensions that contribute to enriching your wellbeing, allowing this transformation to become a holistic experience.

Educating on and promoting these nine dimensions of wellness equip our residents with the lifestyle to pursue their passions and purpose in every Kisco Signature Community.

What are the Nine Dimensions of Wellness?


Physical wellness is crucial to functioning in daily life, but it also serves as the foundation for the rest of the dimensions of wellness. Being physically healthy requires taking proper care of our bodies, including plenty of sleep, adequate nutrition and exercise, avoiding the use of harmful substances, and taking opportunities to participate in preventative health screenings.

At The Carnegie, we provide innovative ways to incorporate physical wellbeing into everyday life. A few of our premium amenities centered on physical wellbeing include:

  • Outdoor walking trails in Malcolm King Park
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • One-on-one personal training for Club Level members
  • Aqua therapy in our indoor, heated, saltwater pool
  • Solarium to soak up sunlight


Spiritual wellness moves you toward your sense of purpose. Spiritual wellness does not have to focus on religion. It can center around establishing strong beliefs, values, morals, or principles, allowing you to find self-discovery. Finding meaning, purpose, and direction are crucial in achieving spiritual wellness.

The idea of finding and pursuing your purpose in life is a major pillar of The Carnegie. Even before the official opening of our community, we are creating programs, activities, events and more that grant you the opportunity to follow an existing purpose or maybe even find a new one. Our philanthropy causes are some of the many ways we are encouraging residents to find their purpose:

  • Youth mentorship program with Link Generations
  • Partnership and volunteer opportunities with the Kentlands Foundation
  • Partnership and sponsorship of the Gaithersburg Book Festival
  • Partnership with the Gaithersburg Parks, Arts, and Recreation Corporation


Building a strong sense of connection with people in your life is crucial to achieving holistic wellness. The support network of friends and family that comes with emphasizing social wellness in your daily life allows you to grow in many different areas.

The Carnegie community and its Discovery Center in Downtown Crown are spaces built to foster social connections. Through events, living spaces, programs, and more, The Carnegie provides ample opportunities to connect with those you love:

  • Media room with state-of-the-art podcasting equipment to connect with the community or friends and family
  • Plenty of luxury lounge areas to host weekly happy hour socials
  • Book clubs
  • Intellectual programming in our lecture hall
  • Several outdoor terraces for social engagements, including a landscaped dog park


Purpose is about finding the path that leads to the most fulfillment in every aspect of your life. This can be involving yourself in an occupation, hobby, interest, or anything that gives your life a direction you love pursuing. Discover a purpose that aligns with your values and goals, and encourages you to achieve a life well-lived at The Carnegie:

  • Media and computer lounge with technology programming and classes
  • Lecture hall for intellectual speakers, musical and theater performances, author discussions, and more
  • Culinary programs in our demonstration kitchen and club lounge


Lifelong learning is essential at The Carnegie. We strive to encourage a flexible mind that desires knowledge and intellectual development. We offer ample activities, programs, and opportunities:

  • Red Carpet Speaker Series® with world-renowned authors, industry experts, scientists, artists and more
  • State-of-the-art lecture hall for intellectual programming
  • Community partnerships that create opportunities to learn new skills and make new connections
  • The Carnegie Literary Society for intellectual, literary discussions
  • The Carnegie Tasting Room for in-depth wine tasting experiences and lectures


Learning to express yourself is crucial to achieving holistic wellness. This creative dimension of wellness is engrained in you, even if you find yourself more oriented towards technical areas like math and science. It all comes down to self-expression. To maintain and grow your creative wellness, participation in the arts and culture is key. At The Carnegie, creativity is everywhere, even in our architecture and interior design:

  • Creative arts studio for art classes and programming
  • Engaging writing classes and programs
  • Community partnership with the Gaithersburg Artist Collective to curate a rotating art gallery in our Discovery Center and community


During the active aging process, awareness of your environment and your ability to sustain it allows you to continue pursuing a healthy lifestyle. The Carnegie takes great pride in its sustainability actions that promote health and wellness:

  • Outdoor garden brimming with plants such as lavender and sage that provide proven health benefits
  • Over three-hundred trees planted in 3.25 reforestation acres
  • Thirty-eight percent of our site is dedicated to conservation
  • Planting natives to the region to require less irrigation and maintenance


Emotional wellness is the ability to identify and express our emotions, as well as cope effectively. The Carnegie creates an emotionally secure community, allowing you to feel safe and encouraged enough to fully express yourself without hesitation. There are many ways to care for emotional wellness:

  • Innovative technology to stay connected with friends and family even from afar
  • Emphasis on connecting with grandchildren and other youth in need of guidance
  • Kids’ playroom
  • Nearby playgrounds in Malcolm King Park, basketball courts, hike and bike trails, and tennis courts to promote bonding with family and friends


Nutritional wellness is a foundational requirement for achieving each of the nine dimensions. Being healthy and mindful of what you put into your body has major effects not only on your physical health, but every other dimension. The Carnegie’s culinary program excels at finding new and creative ways to present flavor forward cuisine paired with immersive dining venues, paying homage to our Maryland roots:

  • Full bistro kitchen with a hearth oven for fresh pizzas
  • Breakfast café adorned with coffee, pastries, and other breakfast foods
  • Grab n’ Go station of healthy choices and fresh-squeezed juices
  • Demonstration kitchen to view culinary preparation

Our nine dimensions of wellness curate a life well-lived, in which you are empowered to pursue your passions and purpose. At The Carnegie, the nine dimensions are a part of everything we do, and we are thrilled for you to experience your wellness transformation.