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According to the National Wellness Institute, wellness is the multidimensional, conscious, and evolving process of discovering the full potential of oneself. Both holistic and encompassing in nature, wellness is an active process through which one can make choices towards a more healthy and enjoyable existence.

The Art of Living Well

At Kisco Senior Living, we are strong advocates for the health and wellness of mind, body and soul. We look at wellness as an essential component in everything we do. Through this philosophy, and our refined, advanced culture of wellness, Kisco’s ability to enrich the lives of others is unparalleled.

The Art of Living Well programming encompasses all nine dimensions of wellness – emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, creative, nutritional, euphoria, and spiritual – and focuses on a total sense of fulfillment, empowering our residents to live their healthiest, most purpose-driven lifestyle.

Wellness Programs

Given the freedom of choice, residents can take part in elevated, customizable wellness activities that are tailored to meet their specific needs, interests, and abilities. With state-of-the-art wellness equipment and facilities, along with personal trainers, nutrition experts, and more, residents are provided the resources required to not only support an enriched and active lifestyle but encourage it.

Whether pursuing current interests or nurturing new passions, our team of wellness experts are committed to offering our residents intellectual, cultural, and wellness experiences that engage not only the body, but the mind and spirit. From lifelong learning classes to live entertainment, from mentorship programs to our Kisco Culinary Academy, there is also something for you at The Carnegie at Washingtonian Center.