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One of the biggest milestones seniors encounter after retirement is choosing where to retire. Although generational shifts show an escalating desire for settings that provide all-inclusive care, many seniors feel stress and uncertainty when making such an impactful decision. Therefore, when deciding where to retire, it is essential for seniors to have full confidence in the care and services they will receive. For over 30 years, Kisco Senior Living has specialized in developing and managing full-service senior living communities that offer five-star services and enriching lifestyles that give residents the assurance they need to be confident in their retirement decisions.


Kisco’s mission is centered on providing safety and security, health and wellbeing, and exemplary services that support a dynamic, purpose-filled environment for all residents. Beginning in 2024, Kisco will bring that approach and philosophy to Gaithersburg with The Carnegie at Washingtonian Center. As a Kisco Signature community, The Carnegie will offer exceptional standards of hospitality and personalized experiences, valet and concierge services, five-star cuisine and inspiring intellectual programming.

And perhaps most importantly, the residents of The Carnegie and their loved ones will also benefit from the power of Kisco Confidence®, a framework that imparts peace of mind through best-in-class protocols and transparent communications.

Kisco Confidence extends far beyond a community’s response to a public health emergency. “Kisco Confidence has evolved since its founding,” Ward added. “We’ve built out Environmental Health and Safety teams at every Kisco community. This means our associates receive ongoing training so they are well-versed and prepared for potentially harmful situations, whether that’s an infectious disease outbreak, a hurricane or a wildfire, anything that may negatively impact the area.”

Associates will continue to provide the same level of service, no matter the circumstances, to ensure that residents and their families remain comfortable and happy with their decision to choose The Carnegie. This means loved ones can rest assured their family members are surrounded by people who genuinely care and have the expertise and experience to ensure their safety and security.

“Communication and education are a central part of keeping residents safe. Peace of mind, that feeling of safety and security for seniors and their families, is established by honest, timely communications, and our associates will provide that at The Carnegie,” said Ward.

Across the board, residents of The Carnegie can expect five-star service and a unique approach to retirement living. The community will offer a Signature-level luxury experience inspired by today’s discerning seniors and flavored by the sights and sounds of the surrounding Gaithersburg community. Kisco Signature communities like The Carnegie reward residents with resort-style living, health and wellness programming that promotes meaningful connections, and much more. Backed by Kisco Confidence, The Carnegie will serve as both a peaceful and vibrant setting for seniors to call home. Find out our schedule a tour of our two-bedroom modal at The Discovery Center