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The seven living generations that make up the U.S. population all have unique and varying perspectives on topics surrounding life, culture and more. These differing views may create barriers, leading to a lack of understanding and possibly stifling connections. As the world continues to rapidly change, bridging the gap between different generations is becoming more important than ever to foster understanding and create enriching multigenerational relationships. For that reason, The Carnegie at Washingtonian Center, an upcoming Kisco Signature senior living community in Gaithersburg, is partnering with local nonprofit Link Generations. The organization seeks to facilitate programs that connect youth and seniors through mutually beneficial, dynamic activities while educating middle and high school students about aging.

Set to open its doors in summer 2024, The Carnegie will immerse residents in the surrounding Gaithersburg community with programs that promote meaningful relationships. Through its partnership with Link Generations, The Carnegie will connect its residents with students from Montgomery County schools for engaging activities like book clubs and small group conversations. Link Generations was founded in 2016 by Montgomery County native Dr. Lori N. Marks, PhD, based on her 25 years of experience in education and gerontology.

Dr. Marks spent much of her adolescence living under the same roof as her grandmother and was often in the presence of older adults. Thanks in part to her own background, Dr. Marks believes in the immense value of intergenerational relationships early in life and established Link Generations as an avenue for more people to experience the benefits of them.

“My grandmother lived with my family for much of my childhood,” said Dr. Marks. “It was a powerful experience for all of us. At the time, she had recently lost my grandfather, so I think being close to her family gave her a renewed sense of purpose. I loved getting to hear her stories, and it inspired me to continue learning about older adults throughout my life and motivated me to facilitate similar experiences for others.”

Future residents of The Carnegie will possess a lifetime of knowledge, wisdom and understanding that they will be able to share to mentor and guide local young adults. In return, the students will be able to offer new perspectives and ideas that will enhance the lives of residents. “Mentorship programs like our partnership with Link Generations are part of our focus on intellectual programming at The Carnegie,” noted Gene Smallwood, regional vice president of sales at Kisco Senior Living.

The Carnegie will give residents unique opportunities to explore their passions and purpose. The partnership with Link Generations exemplifies the types of intellectual programming and connection to the community that will be offered, enabling residents to guide, learn and engage in rewarding relationships with younger fellow community members. The Carnegie holds an Intergenerational Book Club™ every month, connecting seniors with the youth through books. The next book club will be held on 1/8/2023, to RSVP or see all upcoming events, click here.